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Sleepy Hollow

Have you heard the story of the Headless Horseman?
Here is the beginning of this famous story by Washington Irving, the American writer who came to Granada, stayed at the Alhambra for a few months and wrote the book Tales of the Alhambra.
" On the eastern bank of the great Hudson River, in North America, there is a small town. Its name is Tarry Town. Once the town had a different name. Why did it change? This is the reason. Wives often sent their husbands to the market in the town to buy and sell things. “Come back quickly,” the wives always said. But the husbands never returned home quickly. They stayed or “tarried” in the town and they drank beer at the inns there. So people started to call the place Tarry Town.

About two miles from Tarry Town is a little hollow - or valley - between some high hills. A small river runs through this valley. The valley is a very peaceful place. Everyone who goes there soon feels peaceful. They quickly forget their troubles. And everyone who lives there always feels sleepy. Because of this strange peaceful feeling, the valley is called “Sleepy Hollow”.

Before continue reading, let's see how much you know about the Setting of this story.
1. Where does the story take place?
2. In which state is this place located?
To get more information, click here and see a map of US

Now let's read and listen to the story.When you finish you will have to answer the questions below.
1. Who wrote the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? 
  2. What was strange about the people of Sleepy Hollow? 
3. What was the name of the ghost of Sleepy Hollow and what did he do?   
 4. Who was Ichabod Crane and what did he look like?   
5. Why did people think he was very intelligent?   
 6. What were two things that Icabod liked a lot? 
 7. What was the song Ichabod would sing when he was scared? and When was he scared? 
  8. Who was Katrina Von Tassel? What did she look like? 
  9. Why did Icabod want to marry Katrina?  
10. Who else wanted to marry Katrina?  
 11. What did Brom look like?  
 12. What was Brom good at?  
  13. Why did the other boys of the town stop trying to marry Katrina?   
 14. What tricks did Brom play on Ichabod? and Why?  
 15. Where was the party?  
16. Why did Icabod send his students home early?  
 17. What did Hans Von Ripper give to Icabod? 
  18. What was the name of the horse and what was he like? 
  19. What was wrong with Ichabod's dancing?   
 20. What was everyone doing by the fire?  
21. What story did Brom tell?  
22. Why did Icabod leave the party? How was he feeling?  
  23. What happened when Ichabod was going home? 
  24. What did people find of Ichabod's on the road?  
 25. What did people think happened to Ichabod?  
 26. What actually happened to Ichabod?
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This story has inspired films, TV programmes and musical adaptations. Have you seen any of these films or TV programmes? No, then search the Internet and find some examples.

 After reading activity - Prepare an interactive poster using glogster
The tree from Sleepy Hollow, at Hinton Ampner (Rob Purvis) / CC BY-SA 2.0