As you know "Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body", so let's read as much as possible. Remember: The more we read, the more we learn.
Now it's time to enjoy learning and reading!

Lost Treasures: The Eyes of Montezuma


 Shelley Marn is a Californian student on holiday in Europe. She meets a young English couple, Clare and Nick Harmans. The Harmans ask Shelley to have lunch with them. She agrees but strangely she never arrives. Why? What has happened?

To find out what happened, read and/or listen to this famous story

But before that, how much do you remember about Montezuma?

Who was Montezuma? Where was he from? What is he famous from? Have you heard about the eyes of Montezuma? What do you think they are? and where are they now?

1. Print a map and mark the cities and places which appear in the story

2.  Vocabulary Log and Reading Journal

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